Nuts for Gems


A clever squirrel in search of precious gems



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Nuts for Gems is a three-dimensional action game where players control a squirrel using a mechanical bird to navigate various levels, collecting all of the gems and precious stones that you can find along the way.

In essence, the game is like a 3D flight simulator you might find in an arcade, since your mission is to control the mechanical bird and get through a series of concrete points in as little time as possible.

Although the game may sound quite simple, piloting the bird is pretty complicated, and you'll need a controller (like an Xbox 360 controller) to master it. The nice part is, using the controller, coupled with the game's outstanding graphics, will make you feel like you're playing a console game instead of a free game.

Nuts for Gems is a really fun title that, despite not having a lot of content (there are only a few levels), wins with straightforward gameplay and fantastic graphics.
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